Saturday, April 2, 2011

the journey, not the arrival, matters.

i went to genting last weekend, again. and SSD came along, again. lol. one of my more fufilling trips cos this time, 我满载而归! ^_^ even though 二人世界 became 三人世界 cos bro came along. -__-

26/03/2011 - saturday

reached at 4am and as usual, stoned inside casino for the first few hours. somehow bro managed to sneak past (he's a few months short of 21). hmmm. they played jackpot, i played plants vs zombies. lol.

then met relatives for lunch before they left.

my assam laksa. it looks super spicy but it was pretty mild actually. and so not worth. there was a lump of weird rubber-like noodles and a few pieces of sardine. with LOTS of onions/chilli whatever. ewwww!

random pretty clouds on the way around.

majority of the arcade machines were closed for maintenance, so we went bowling. at least, the both of them did.

not gonna ruin long pretty nails no matter how much i was tempted to bowl. =\

played for a few games and since we only had less than an hour to spare, we played snooker next! should have played pool but snooker was cheaper! lol.

it was an excruciating 45mins standing there watching them play, cos i wanted to join in but was wearing low-cut. -__- furthermore they took sooo long to finish one game. zzZz.

then back to get our luggages and to the rooms. we got lovely superior deluxe connecting rooms! shiok. and knocked out till dinner. lol.

dinner at kopitiam:

and then shopping! this time i got masks and a bag. it was one of those 一见钟情 stuff that i immediately picked out from the rest, but reluctantly put back when i saw the RM139 price tag. luckily the salesgirl came over and informed that it was now RM35 after discount. of cos must buy! mad happy. =D

after parents retreated back into the casino, we visited practically all the convenience shops in search for the cheapest supper, and we got them all the way at the theme park. @_@

played old maid and i lost majority of them. is that saying something? grr!

27/03/2011 - sunday

up and ready to go! see pretty ribbon on bag? =)

we had free buffet breakfast for 4 at the hotel's cafe. was super happy initially cos unfortunately i can, and am willing to, eat A LOT for breakfast. but i was super disappointed in the variety and quality of food they offered.

all not nice one. but oh wells. considering it was only around RM6 each when divided, not too bad i guess.

then headed to the garden outside for some sun.

not breathtaking, but better than being stuck inside. and it's colder indoors.

then went arcade to flip some tables, play some basketball...

...and shoot some bowling pins. lol. we spent like, RM120+ on that game alone. both SSD and bro tried so many times, but only managed to win twice. tsk. but better than losing it at the casino right? =\

and then sportsbook next for the opening f1 race.

still a little early, so pool again.

vettel won again in the end. but hamilton got second! and he was nursing a damaged car. let's hope he fares better at sepang next month.

we all went back room to sleep awhile, then headed into new orleans for dinner. bro slipped past again. SSD got asked for passport, but i'm comforted that at least i got checked before turning 21 and bro didn't. sobs.

the usual minestrone soup and salad...

and fish-n-chips! not fantastic, but better than having nothing except potato wedges to eat. lols.

window seat = photos.

after another shooting session at the arcade, we went to stock up on supplies.

cold cold room, hot hot maggi, warm warm bed, cold cold drink, nice nice movie = shiok max. ^^

28/03/2011 - monday

rise and shine!

free buffet breakfast again for 3 of us. more or less the same food. sighx.

then arcade for some racing.

and shopping! bought some more masks, ribbon clip and a nice studded wallet to match the new studded bag. oh and a pretty pink heart pillow to hug.

haaaapppyyy! =D

then went back room, pack bag, lunch at hainan, slack at starbucks, and off to home sweet home. rest of the day was horrible since i was nursing a horribly throbbing head.

... ...

so yep, end of my 2.5-day weekend getaway. so not enough. so reluctant to come back to work. nothing much to look forward now i guess. T_T


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