Tuesday, April 12, 2011

life is a zoo in a jungle.

after planning for so long and some setbacks later, we finally managed to get into the zoo. i had fun. even though a pak-tor date became a family outing. lols.

unfortunately, majority (like 99%?) of the photos taken with sotongball turned out horrible. i'm such a bad outdoor photographer; i can't keep my hands steady enough for clear sharp shots! zoom made things worse. as such, i think i'll just compile all the photos into a slideshow at the end. =\

but just to share a few things along the way. in particular, the elephant show. it was horrible.

didn't capture their performance, but they were doing stuff like pushing a log into the water and retrieving it back. or lying down and getting up on command.

OH PLEASE! someone please convince me that these elephants love being ridiculed day in day out in front of so many people. education may be important, but i'm sure there are other ways than making fun of them. doesn't anyone agree with me that these beautiful majestic animals should best be admired in their man-made natural habitat? doing things that they normally do in the wild? -__-

i wish it wouldn't affect me so much. oh wells. look, otters!

my favorite white tigers.

i love how they look so beautiful, strong, mysterious, dangerous, yet fluffy and cute and cuddly all at the same time. tiger skins belong to tigers, not us. may harm, and lots of it, befall illegal poachers of any kind. =)

my first time seeing a white peacock. so pretty!

our brief stop for lunch:

animals have feelings too. this one looks sad.

this one looks too comfy for words.

i love the fragile forest.

even though there are butterflies fluttering everywhere. i know they're pretty, but they remind me of 小强s. i love how the birds walk around and YOU have to siam for THEM to pass. i love how the lemurs hop around so close yet minding their own business. love how the place smells and feels so rainforest-y natural. sighhh.

and the australian outback. *salutes*

had to brave a whole bunch of toddlers (ewwwww!) just to get 'up and personal' with this kangaroo. (no zoom!) i miss my australia farmstay. =(

and the rest of the shots in no particular order:


probably a lot more animals we didn't visit. it was, after all, more troublesome traveling in a group of 8. hmmmm.

where to next? :P


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