Friday, April 26, 2013


i initially wanted to have the title as "woes of working in an old office with a stingy boss", but i figured it was too long. not sure if it's me but i'm beginning to feel this isn't the right place for me. i mean, i've been here 4 months and i've taken more MCs (for real reasons) than at RT or GBA. and recently there's this mass breakdown of stuff or something that is really pissing me off. 

first it was the punch card machine, which didn't really matter since i find that thing a waste of time and money. 

then it was my computer. the motherboard was so freaking old so we had to get it replaced. thankfully my data was safe in the hard drive. but it meant i was away from my desk for a week while they ponder on the prices and finally decide to replace the board. actually i don't really mind though, since the other computer was at a corner and it didn't have facebook/youtube blocked. but still, it gave me quite a scare when i couldn't even power on it.

then it was our main photocopier machine. the side cover was already in bits and pieced together with masking tape. one fine day it finally couldn't take it. the guy came over to replace the cover, but we still couldn't print from or scan to our computers because the adaptor thingy was spoilt next. and it still is.

and the epson printer that we use to print certificates. previously it gave us a scare but could work again after using a temporary solution. and now i can't even power it on! thank goodness i'm only left with one stack of certs to print. but still, it's our only color printer in the office and i already have too many things pending without a scanner. i now have one more to pend. and i have also just realized that the only printer linked to my computer now is the dot matrix. T_T

not to mention the other small stuff that broke, like the tape recorder (i now have to use my handphone to record at meetings) and CD/DVD burner, and what-not i can't even bother remembering. it can also be a user problem, but sad to say in my 3 years with RT and 8 months with GBA i never encountered such problems. even with the huge-ass plotting machine. and i'm actually being pretty gentle already. 


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