Sunday, June 9, 2013

Variety is the spice of life.

(Excerpt from Dog Food Chat)

... ...

If you feed kibble, and are offended at the fact that I think it makes absolutely no sense, please.... just close this now, and be on your merry way. If you can appreciate some logical, sound thinking... read on.

Variety is key - in ANY kind of diet. We all know this. It's common sense. One food, day in and day out, over the course of time - no good for anyone. Processed or not.

When a raw fed dog eats chicken, it looks something like this:

When a kibble fed dog eats chicken, it's something like this:

When a raw fed dog gets beef, their meal might look like:

Oh, yay! Kibble fed dog is done with chicken! Time to rotate in BEEF!

My dogs love fish. When a raw fed dog eats fish, they might get something like:

Alright! Kibble dog is done with chicken AND beef! Lucky dog! Time for Fish!!

Lamb time, for raw dog!

This kibble fed dog has a sensitive tummy, and my vet convinced me that he's allergic to chicken, so now he has to have all lamb. You can see how different it is from all the "other" kibbles.

Turkey time for raw dog!!

Kibble dog gets a new food!! Turkey! Yeah!

Mmm, pork ribs. Raw Dog is happy.

Kibble dog loves pork. It's so... different.

Mmmm, Duck. Raw dog loves duck. The bones are so easy to nom nom nom. Kinda like chicken bones. But better. Mmmmm, duck!

Kibble dog also loves duck. Hoorahhh for variety!

Wow! Mom found a hunter that needed to clean out his freezer of last year's kills! I get RABBIT! I are happy raw dog.

Woo hoo, sale at the dog food store! Dad sprung for rabbit! And I almost thought he was a cheap ol' sucker. Only $70 a bag for rabbit. mmm.

Mmm, raw dog loves venison. So... gamey!

Kibble dog likes how.... crunchy... venison is. mmm.

Alright, alright. I'll be done.

I just think it irks me that people are like: "You feed WHAT?! Raw meat?! That's so weird! Haven't you heard of DOG FOOD!?"

Yeah, buddy, I'M the weird one. Have you even SEEN what your dog eats?

... ...

Of course, the above doesn't exactly apply to me LMAO. That's cos I only feed popo meat pieces, with the occasional chicken neck for bone content. So technically, her meals still look the same. BUT! At least they have different tastes and textures. I've switched her staple meat from chicken to pork, and she's a week into lamb already, without any LS or anything. Though I noticed she prefers chicken and pork over lamb. Don't ask me how; I just......know.

Which is lucky cos lamb prices are exorbitantly high. (-_-) I've bought beef for the week after next - GRASS-FED beef, which is ironically cheaper than lamb. (Hooray!) So once she's a week into beef, I'll start reducing lamb to 2-3 times per week, which should help reduce my popo-expenses. Either that, or I'll just switch her to mutton instead. =|

After that I might just include more different stuff like chicken wings, pork ribs, lamb shanks, or oxtails. I just need......more money to get over my psychological barrier.

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