Friday, May 31, 2013

mummy: secrets of the tomb

Happened to learn about this exhibition at the artscience museum and it's definitely a must-go for me! I love stuff like that! I remember when I was really young, archaeologist was one of my "Who do you want to be when you grow up?" answers. There's something fascinating about learning the past and I really wonder why I never passed my history tests/exams before. MOE please 反省反省 hahahaha!

Anyway, this exhibition by the british museum is here in singapore and southeast asia for the first time. It showcases 6 mummies and over 100 artefacts from ancient egypt. Very disappointed that photography is not allowed. How else can I preserve those memories? *pui!*

The main highlight is actually the mummy of nesperennub, a temple priest. His cartonnage coffin has never been opened, but is unveiled virtually by advanced scanning technology. The priest's life and death, as well as a digital reconstruction of his face, was presented in a form of a 21min 3D movie.

I was quite skeptical actually. Sure it's amazing the amount of information that they found out just by making use of technology and without even unwrapping the mummy. Heck, they even found out the skeleton had a small dent inside the skull. But seriously, whatever they say we also will believe right? Who can prove that they're wrong? =\

The exhibition also had an embalmer's workshop but sadly when we were there it wasn't the time for the demonstration. I believe it would be quite disgusting lmao! I think I'll faint if I were to see a real embalming process. Especially when they smash and scrape out the brains. O_O

The other mummies were quite......normal? There was one of a young singer. I suppose she must be quite important to be mummified. nesperennub's was set apart from the rest of the exhibition, in his own private room "under the stars". I wonder if any museum houses mummies which are unwrapped? I'm quite curious and interested to see for myself how they actually look like lol.

Other than that, the rest of the exhibition were mainly artifacts which weren't as interesting. I was expecting something bigger and more interesting actually. Oh wells. 

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