Tuesday, May 28, 2013

popo is 4!

Yep, she'll be 4 years old tomorrow. I'd thought about bringing her out to celebrate, but it coincides with a weekday and my mum's birthday (yes me jealous), so it's gonna have to be belated. Hopefully she'll have a friend to celebrate it for her. *hint hint ting*

Some short updates about her recently -

Raw feeding
Ahhh~ My favorite subject these 2 months. From chicken (she can take fillets, breasts with bone, necks, wings, thighs, drumsticks, and liver), she has moved on to pork (boneless loin or hind), and will be having her first taste of lamb next week! I know I really should feed her larger bones like pork ribs or lamb shanks but I guess I'm still quite paranoid about her breaking her teeth. bad momma I know. :( 

Expenses have almost doubled as compared to solely chicken. Gave her some lettuce the other day and she happily chomped it down. My baby peeeeg!

I spayed her 2 weeks ago. It wasn't as worrying as I thought it would be. Dropped her off at the vet in the morning and picked her up after work. She was still groggy that night, but the next morning onwards she was almost back to herself. Nearly had a heart attack when she jumped barely a week later. I was more careful about the wound than she was herself. Tsk. She didn't have to wear an e-collar, but paranoid me bought a tee to prevent her from scratching. And yes, I suck at estimation so it was WAYY too big. -_- Quite happy though, that the wound's healing pretty nicely now. It hasn't really started to itch yet. *cross fingers*

I got her teeth cleaned too. Although it looked like they didn't do a very good job. Or perhaps the stain was just too stubborn to remove. For some reason her breath still smells slightly. Guess I just have to give her some more time for the detox and supplements to settle down. 

Yes I still suck at this. In particular, cutting her nails. To the extent I've practically developed a phobia about it. She's more okay with me filing her nails but it takes so damn long just to shorten one nail. She has 18, including 2 dews. I figured a grinder would be faster. *sigh* She's getting to be sooo expensive. :(

That's all! Hopefully her batch of toys can come in soon! ^^

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