Tuesday, May 7, 2013

live and let live

i came across this post on stomp. i know stomp always has dumb posts but i felt an instant hate for this anthony, whoever the fuck you are. 

isn't macritchie a nature reserve? what's so surprising to find wild animals there? so this family of piggies go about their daily life, minding their own business, in a place where they're supposed to be. and along comes brainless stomper anthony, who intrudes their area, and stomps them for everyone to see. well asshole, it's not like they raided your home right?

and what shit is "they're as dangerous as the mozzies"? that's a really dumb comparison man! now, guess what nparks and/or illegal hunters are gonna do? happy spending your blood-soaked $50. i hope you choke on pork chop. :)

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