Wednesday, May 8, 2013

cos it's us against the world, you and me against them all.

popo loves her raw meat. and i like seeing how excited she is for it. unfortunately, no one else shares the same sentiments. time and time again my mum tells me i should cook the meat because "got a lot of bacteria", and my dad complains "为什么养狗养到这么辛苦". 

so many times i feel like giving up and telling them they can do whatever they want. thankfully i always stop myself in time. popo is MY baby. i don't know why but i feel very strongly for her, more than bobby or any other pet i've owned or even anyone else. to be honest, i don't trust anybody else to take care of her. heck, sometimes i don't trust myself either. whatever i do, i make sure to read up first. 

i enjoy shopping for her meat, even more so now that i'm starting to try different stuff (although i don't like paying for it). every morning i have to remember to take down her meat to thaw. sometimes i feed her dinner if i'm home early (tried asking them not to feed and they got pissed off). i have to mix ACV in her food. sometimes i hand feed her. then clean her up. if the weather is good i take her down for exercise and training. every night i clean her ears and teeth and tear stains (which equates to war actually). every 2 days i brush her. every week i bathe and dry her. and attempt to cut her nails (war again). i keep a diary of what she eats every day and her poo status. i train her (and they take the credit). 

yes they do help. my mum feeds (and complains about raw) her sometimes, and cuts her paw hairs. my dad takes her down sometimes (not to exercise, just to poo. but doesn't understand why i have to monitor her poo). 

i can't fathom how is that 辛苦. i'm the one doing the reading, the buying, the planning, the executing, and the worrying. all these in an attempt for popo to be happier and healthier. don't you want the same for your family? of cos i don't expect them to care, seeing how they don't even care about the health and nutrition of their own family, much less a dog. but i really don't think they have the right to comment on what i'm doing when they don't even bother to find out WHY i'm doing it. 

they don't even listen! just the other day, i came back late to see popo's treat container almost empty. that was despite me telling them too much of this treat can cause diarrhea. and yes, she had LS for the next 2 days. and yes, raw food got the blame. how do you expect me to trust them with popo? 

养狗 is not 辛苦. it's fighting alone against everyone else that is fucking 辛苦. 

anyway, on a lighter note, popo seems to be doing well on chicken already, so i bought pork. gonna freeze it for 2 weeks and after her operation next week, i'll try mixing some in. her ears seem to be less irritated too. i really hope her detox is finishing soon. teeth still sucks. lol. but i admit that is my fault. i don't dare to feed bigger bones for her to chew on, nor am i firm enough to fully maximize the teeth-cleaning product. sigh. oh but her fur is so soft and smooth! i can't stop running my hands down her back lol. 

can't wait for bto to finish. just popo and me. and SSD, as long as he doesn't interfere with how i take care of her. :P

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