Monday, January 13, 2014

First visit to Marina Barrage

I'm a little late, but Happy New Year! Lol. 

So last Saturday, I brought Popo to the vet for her annual checkup and blood test. Several good news!
  1. No queue = we could see Dr. Ling almost right away.
  2. Checked her ears and the dirt (under microscope) and pronounced mite-free! Time for swimming!
  3. Blood test results were normal...except for BUN. But Dr. Ling reassured me that it's quite normal for a raw fed dog due to the larger amount of protein.
  4. Found out Dr. Ling is okay with raw feeding. I believe she did some reading of her own too. 
  5. Wanted to do a hypothyroidism test too but Dr. Ling advised against it. I think other vets would do it without second thoughts. Who'd say no to more money?
  6. Popo still trembled furiously, especially inside the examination room. But she was a little more relaxed outside in the waiting area. ^^v
I'm pretty glad I found Dr. Ling. She's probably going to be the only vet I'm going to visit ever. Did I ever mention that she did Popo's spay surgery too? The girl didn't even need an e-collar and the wound healed beautifully. It's barely visible now. I don't want to share where Dr. Ling's clinic is at, because her slots are packed full enough already. Boo.

After that we brought the girl to Marina Barrage! Her first official outing. Honestly speaking, I was almost as excited as she was. It was a nice feeling to be bringing her to places other than grandma's house, the vet, the groomer's, or downstairs around the neighbourhood. A small part of me wanted to show her off too. LOL. It definitely feels good when someone exclaims how pretty your dog is. And yes, she got another TWO compliments that day. =D

Here's her smelling the many new smells in the wind! And her excited face. <3<3<3 And SSD in the background preparing his kite for takeoff. Lol.

Love seeing the wind in her hair. Doesn't she look happy and relaxed?

She doesn't take to new places easily, so I brought a couple of her toys to help. I first played with the blue rubber toy on the grass, but she ran around in circles instead. She was more okay with her black pig on familiar concretes.

And she made a 'friend'!

The cute little thing wandered over and they started smelling each other. It was quite exciting to watch since this was our first attempt at socializing (those at the groomer's don't count cos even I feel overwhelmed with the amount of dogs). He totally looked smitten with her lmao! But it didn't end very well considering Popo rejected him with a small growl. Oh wells, at least we've taken the first step. More to come I hope!


  1. Looks so fun! Been my greatest wish to bring my dog out too, like dog parks. But I have no transport of my own and he's too big to be in a carrier for cab ):

    1. It was! I wish I could bring her out more often too. But I don't have my own transport either, and I don't often get to borrow my dad's car. =(

      Maybe can try those pet taxis?

    2. They are too expensive. Especially when I'm not working x:

      Hopefully got the chance in the future.


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