Thursday, May 29, 2014

Popo's 5th birthday "celebration"

Today is Popo's birthday! She's 5 years old already. *sad face* I hope she still doesn't look her age. =|

2 weeks ago, I brought her out for an early celebration cos we had to celebrate my mum's birthday last weekend. Spent $200 in just one day so for the next few weeks we'll be staying at home LMAO.

1st stop : Petopia

I must be the most kiasu pawrent ever. Contacted them more than a month ago to ask about the various spa options. They only take reservations up to a month before so on 16 April I chop chop made the appointment lol. Decided on a Carbonic Soda and an Ayurveda Herb Pack with Far Infra Red session, which I was told was their most relaxing spa. Got her nails and paw pads trimmed as well.

Here's her 'enjoying' her soda spa. It looks pretty relaxing to me but I suppose she must be freaking out haha. My timid silly girl. <3

Didn't manage to snap the herb pack spa but I sure hope she got to relax and enjoy it. I know the staff took photos with their camera and I was hoping they'll post it on Facebook so I can save it. But...oh wells.

She came back to me all soft and smelling absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately, to be honest, I would reconsider returning. Not their issue I suppose, but I was abit concerned when the skin on Popo's tail became obviously reddish. It looked kinda irritated too. However, I do know that Popo's skin always gets a little more reddish when she doesn't use her own shampoo. I suppose that's the case here too. And I think I did a better job at blow-drying her tail. Tsk. Her nails weren't trimmed as short as I would have liked them to be, and there was a huge mat at her underbelly which I had to cut out myself. Paw pads are pretty though, and surprisingly her tear stains were lightened. But I guess it's gonna be a yearly thing for her.

2nd stop : Jalan Besar Pet Carnival

It was held at City Square and we made it just in time to collect their goodie bags. Thanks to the very nice lady who informed us about it. It was quite a small area, and super hot and crowded. I didn't need any treats/toys/accessories/clothes/food or whatsoever, so we just went around collecting the freebies. Yes I admit I gian beng. =|

The whole array of stuff we got! I was trying to sort out those I wanted. And realized how pretty photos turn out under natural sunlight. ^^

My favorite items - K9 Natural samples! Was contemplating to purchase their lamb tripe too but overspent this month already. Accurate Tick & Flea Spray. I try to go as natural as possible, so I'm not gonna spray this on her. It's going on her leash/harness, under her mattress, and on top of her house. Still some contact but not as much. =) Breathfix. This was one of my options while battling her bad breath issue. It looked a bit too much for her, and true enough, there were bits of green in her poop. Freaked me out at first. Not gonna buy this after all. Furrific Grooming Powder. I suppose it'll be great to freshen up mid-week though I haven't used it yet. Gave the rest away.

3rd stop : Happenstance Cafe

New dog cafe! That very afternoon I found out it was opened by a friend's friend lol. Thumbs up for the food! Especially the girl's dory fish. Definitely ordering that again the next time. My pasta...on the other hand...wasn't very nice. Only have myself to blame since it was "create your own pasta". Lesson learnt - don't be greedy and order 2 types of cheese. And eat it while it's hot. XD No photos cos I was too paiseh to take. LOL.

Popo's socializing still isn't very good though. She mostly sat beside me and watched the other dogs play. She still can't tolerate butt-sniffing and humping so I suppose I should have started with smaller and quieter dogs. Oops!

And we saw Max the standard poodle! Saw him earlier at the carnival too. Managed to get a quick shot with him amongst all the barking and humping and photobombs lmao. Awkward distance between them though. =X And he looks so huge beside Popo!

Happenstance is much more wallet-friendly (we paid $80+ for 5 pax and Popo) so I so wanna go back again!

And earlier on we had another celebration for her again. Bought mini 'princess' pupcakes from Feed My Paws. Ordered last minute on Tuesday afternoon and so glad I was able to collect them the next evening. They're grain-free organic salmon pupcakes; hopefully they don't make her as uncomfortable as the last time she had cake.

Such pretty color! <3

And that sums up Popo's 5th birthday "celebration". Special thanks to SSD for being Popo's chauffeur that day (although actually he's the chauffeur every time we drive lol). <3


  1. Awww yay!! Can't believe I took so long to discover your blog. Haha. Popo had a really awesome birthday celebration!! Such a lucky girl, hehe. And I hope the pupcakes went down okay! :)

    1. Haha those cakes were great! No problem after that. Need to find an excuse to order them again. LOL.


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