Friday, August 22, 2014

소지섭 내 데이트


So yesterday, I did probably the craziest thing I've ever done in my life. I went to see So Ji Sub (소지섭)! XD He had a press conference at City Square at 8pm. I rushed over from work, hoping to still grab a good spot. And waited for over an hour. His press conference lasted 15 minutes. >.<

But still, I think it was very worth it. I had a fairly unblocked view of the stage and I was pretty glad (for once) that I was tall. Or that the people in front of me were short. Anyway, he is incredibly good looking in real life! I wouldn't say he's tall though, since technically he's just a little taller than me. But he's very cute! And cheeky. And funny. (Especially when he said I love you lahh~) Although at times his shy side would emerge. And when he laughs you just can't help but smile along and swoon over him. ♥ *fan girl mode on*

Unfortunately, I had used my phone instead and the zoomed photos turned out pretty blurry. The 4 minute video wasn't too bad though. :(

To think that, if I hadn't watched The Master's Sun (주군의 태양) for the second time recently, I wouldn't have been so obsessed with him now. How could he not have appealed to me the first time round?! I even said there wasn't any eye candy. 오빠 미안합니다! And another plus one, he's a rapper! Haha IKR, he doesn't really fit that image. But he's good! I've been listening to some of Leessang's songs so I'm glad to add some of Ji Sub's into that list.

He has a showcase tonight, but the cheapest ticket is $68 and unfortunately (or fortunately) I'm not *that* crazy for him (yet). Wish I had free tickets though. 

오빠 화이팅!!

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