Saturday, November 28, 2009


(i'm trying to blog this from a neutral point of view, though it's hard cos i know nick's gonna be reading it. but i'll try. lol.)

i never thought i'll enjoy 'documentary' flicks like 2012, but surprisingly i did! amazing cg effects aside, i think it's pretty realistic. too realistic imho. maybe not in 3 years, but sooner or later we'll probably end up like that. no matter how technology advances, we can never beat mother nature if she decides to kill us all. if saving the environment is too difficult, perhaps they should start building those ships now.

p/s. pilot is shuai! pity he had to die.

pessimistic stuff aside, one should never attempt to watch movies from the front second row. besides having to keep turning your head left and right, you'll also have to endure stiff necks and butt aches. lol.

twilight saga marathon next week. *happy* i wanna watch ninja assassin too, but apparently it's too bloody. sooo....

... ...

met nick and his friend and went shopping for xmas gift exchange. went from cine to heeren then ion and wisma and dunno where else. lol. and then and then, we were at this junction waiting to cross the road when it started raining. was lazy to take out my umbrella again so we stood there in the rain.

then suddenly this guy come out from behind and shared his umbrella. at first i thought it was nick's friend, since he say he 朋友滿天下. turn out it wasn't. maybe it's just me, but...never met such 好心人 before. lols. (yes you may laugh. :P)

passed by taka, and i headed for the xmas tree, since PL made it out to be so wonderful.

well, i'm so proud of our xmas tree in the office, that i have to say...taka's xmas tree only wins in height. shall post the photos only after it's fully decorated with presents at the bottom. which is next month la. hahs.

and i managed to get present for xmas exchange. burst budget but he's such a nice project team-mate so i guess it's okay. =)

p/p/s. happy birthday gary!

p/p/p/s. i can feel that 師姐/partner at work cum 媽/good friend off work is not in a good mood but she's not telling me why. i'm sad.


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  1. thanks for the birthday wish mich!

    so i think nick's the one?



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