Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i had a dream.

yup. had a silly dream last night. but it was just amazing! and you know the best part? i still remember it!

ok here goes...

dad, for some weird reason, had VIP access into a hotel, and we were standing all around waiting while he was at the reception. i actually knew westlife would gonna be there that day, and i was debating whether or not i had enough time to run up to the room to grab my camera or not.

when all of a sudden, there was a commotion outside, and guess who came walking in? kian!! with his bodyguard. i still remember he was dressed in black. and they walked PAST me and went into the lift on the left.

after that nicky came in, in his signature shades! and with his bodyguard too. he disappeared to the right.

then followed by their mini entourage. i was waiting and waiting for mark to appear and deciding that if he should appear, i'll run up and probably hug him to death. sadly, he didn't. shane didn't come as well. oh ya, i also remember there were alot of fans stuck outside the hotel doors. hahs!

oh wells. lol. this is probably the closest i'll ever get to westlife. abit sad that it had to happen in a dream. but still, better than nothing lah! :P


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