Thursday, June 2, 2011


anybody else celebrates 1 year 6 months together? we do! :D

blue roses sent to my office in the morning. though the silly one told me about them yesterday, so no fun already. but still very happy. many more 18 months to go. and that taiwan trip. and that barcelona trip. muacks!

dinner at coffee club, so i could have my slipper lobster. but no more this dish!! sad. so i had the skippers delight while SSD had chicken and mushroom baked rice. his was so cheesy! i like! lols. then shared a mudpie. yes, kill me for taking coffee AND ice cream in my current state.

been down with flu, sore/itchy throat and cough for the past week or so. and i've probably infected 1 engineer, 1 colleague, and 1 boss in the office. yayness. friday is a big day. off to bed! :(


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