Monday, June 6, 2011

a woman's most beautiful piece of clothing

guess what happened to me just now?! as i was closing the door to have a bath, some movement on the top wall caught my eye, and i looked up in time to see a baby lizard falling on me. i would certainly have screamed if it were one of those nasty cockroaches. but in this case, all i could think of was how cute the baby looked as i shook it off and it scurried away. =)

... ...

attended a relative's wedding dinner at orchard hotel last night.

dinner wasn't as bad as i had expected. we had a table to ourselves, and SSD came along too. not to mention the free flow of red wine. lols. the food was not bad too.

the bride was beautiful too. though it doesn't really matter much to me cos i haven't seen her before. they're just one of those meet-once-a-year relatives you see.

it was when i came home and happened to see 妈's raw wedding shots on facebook. now i really believe it when they say "a woman is at her most beautiful when she's in her wedding dress". i'm not saying 妈 isn't normally pretty, but it's a totally different kind of beautiful i saw in those photos. sighh.

off to maple. at least, i'm ALREADY married over there. -_-


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