Saturday, October 16, 2010

happy birthday 妈!

BOO! i can't use my Princess nickname in the office anymore! all because my manager CH told Hel over lunch that he's been waiting for his princess. so now whenever PL calls me princess, i get goosebumps. eeeeks!

... ...

here's a pictorial post to tantalize your taste-buds. wanted to meet up with 妈 to celebrate her birthday, and after a series of discussions, we ended up at riverview hotel.

started off with green tea tofu and pickled cucumber appetizers.

and then the main course(s)!

california maki

butter mushrooms. we all felt that it tasted weird.

salmon handrolls. little rice, big slices of salmon. very nice!

complimentary bbq prawns. i don't quite like this as the 'prawny' smell was very strong.

zaru soba.

chawan mushi

ebi and whitefish tempura

fried age tofu

no idea what this is but it's super oily!



tofu salad

teapot soup. we all kept laughing when it was served, but it turned out to be yummy! we ordered 3 pots of this, though it's actually just soup (i don't know what soup) in a teapot.

sliced fish cake. very normal.

simple stir-fry teppanyaki veggies. but so nice that we ordered 4 plates in total.


salmon teppanyaki

veggie tempura

cold tofu

lotus root tempura (damn blur; laughing too hard.)

complimentary salmon head

and a whole lot of other food that i didn't eat.

totally broke now; $33++ for buffet dinner (we got 10% off through SSD's connections). but satisfied with crazy dinner. all of us laughed so much and probably made a nuisance of ourselves (as always!), though we don't really care. ^_^

more eating later tonight. really am getting fatter! booooo.

... ...

for once i'm actually looking forward to genting trip next month. even though it's probably gonna be awkward. hmmm. i guess a whole weekend with SSD is too hard to resist. lols!


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