Monday, October 25, 2010

yet another gastronomic post

celebrated an early birthday with family at seafood international. SSD managed to get us a private room. me likes! :D

1. crispy mini squid & deep fried soft shell crab

2. double boiled cordyceps chicken with chinese herbal soup

3. baked sea bass in claypot

4. fried crayfish with black pepper sauce

5. thai baby kai lan with assorted mushroom

6. chilli crab with buns

7. seafood hokkien noodles in claypot

last dish was the lovely pomelo sago with mango cream dessert that i last had at jumbo changi and fell in love with. lols. too bad i was too full to have second helpings of it.  hmmmm. totally enjoyed dinner tonight, even though it burned a big big hole in my pocket. (second consecutive month my accounts are in the reds, but let's not talk about that. :P)

more good food next week! can't wait! ^_^

... ...

the korea gp was surprisingly good for hamilton this afternoon, as compared to his last few races. webber crashed out, taking rosberg with him, and hamilton gained 2 places. then vettel's engine failure allowed hamilton to climb up and finish in second. at least a podium this weekend! but looking at his championship points, i don't seem to have much confidence anymore. =\

... ...

up to the last 5 episodes of  读心神探, a new drama series about this senior inspector who is well-versed in reading the behavior of  people. he goes around solving crimes with this skill of his. besides my interest in detective/crime dramas, it's also pretty interesting to see how our subconscious movements can eventually give away our thoughts and feelings. makes me wanna go attend this course too. lol!

monday blues coming again. hope this week goes well. *cross fingers*


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