Monday, October 4, 2010

a nice weekend

021010 - saturday

complimentary slimming massage session at body contours was lovely. pretty painful, but the thought of all those fats breaking down just makes me happy. lols. pity i didn't get a chance to try the milk bath. next time!

then went for lunch at manhattan's. aunt wanted to try it.

seafood chowder for all of us!

coleslaw with raisins. SSD doesn't eat = more for us! =P

fried mushrooms. nice! but quantity a little not enough...

giant seafood platter for 3 - fish fillet, prawns, sotongs, mushrooms, fries and garlic rice. yums!

and finished with mudpie!

super fattening but so yummy. i likes! :D

then came back and spent the whole afternoon watching SSD fix his lappy and my comp, while playing tapdefence on his iphone. i love that game. lol.

and SSD cooked dinner for me! =D even though it's only maggi mee. =\ *muacks*

... ...

031010 - sunday

SSD came over again and we drove out to get groceries. (me likes.) i cooked again today! :D invited aunt over for dinner as well.

kailan in oyster sauce

japanese curry with potatoes, carrots and chicken bits

seafood tomyum soup with fishball, prawns, and button/enoki/oyster/shiitake mushrooms!

initially looking at the amount of food, i thought it was overkill. so i was pretty surprised when only a bowl of soup was left! i hope they really did enjoy the food and not because they just want to give me face. =\ nevertheless, i had fun today.

then watched i-robot. i love cuddling on the sofa. lol. when can we have more of this??



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