Monday, November 8, 2010

another froggie test session

my aunt was getting the keys to her new flat today, so our whole family turned up to 'support' her. was quite a waste of time imho, but aiyah, i'd probably be just as excited if i'm the one getting the flat, so...yeah lor. =\

the blocks of flats...

got stage performances even!

they can see flyer! and probably fireworks too. boo!

must pray first....then open the door...

view from the 23rd floor

they also had this miserable 'buffet' with miserable food. so i'm looking forward to dinner now. even though i'll be having indestructible macdonalds.

sighh. monday blues. please let bosses stay in china for another week. please let time pass by quick quick this week. please let the sky rain $ so i can go genting and shop/game till i drop!


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