Saturday, November 27, 2010

needs to stop eating so much

was at marina square earlier this week and there was this huge christmas 'tree' in the middle.

kinda pretty, and the real thing is much more sparkling and bling-er than the photo. i like the wintery fairytale feel. lol. and on our way back, the streets were all decked in pretty christmas lightings.

nice, but why is it in blue and white? i've always associated christmas with green and red. hmmmm. =\

... ...

popped down marina square today since i had craving for fish and chips last night. manhattan's was full, so we opted for breeks instead. though i would have preferred the manhattan's type of fish.

my fish and chips. HUGE portion! i like the waffle fries too!

SSD's seafood tomyum pasta. interesting, and yummy! not very spicy i guess. :X

also ordered a brownie with ice cream to try.

warm chocolatey nutty brownie with cold ice cream. yums!! :D


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