Wednesday, November 17, 2010

give your stress wings and let it fly away

i never thought i'd say this, but I MISS GENTING!

lols. spent the last weekend there with SSD (and both our families) and it's probably my best trip so far! at least, majority of this trip was spent outside the boring casino. plus lots of shopping and gaming in an almost all-expense-paid trip. how not to miss it?! :D

day 1

in the coach on the way! last week i also tweeted how photos taken with froggie's front camera turned out super pixelated and blur, and ta-da!

in all the blur-ness i think i actually appear not too bad with glasses. not 100% looking good per se, but at least it's better than how i usually see myself. lols.

halfway through the journey we stopped at yong peng, and after we finished eating, this housefly came to finish up the chilli sauce for us.

damn gross. i wonder if it finds it spicy. lols.

reached around 4am, and had traditional toast, eggs and tea for breakfast. yums! then walked around, queued, met up with SSD's family, walked around some more, and it was late morning already.

spent the remaining time at the arcade. (RM50 credit got me this cute mashimaro keychain. i likes!)

then went to check in. (i still don't see the difference between a queen-size bed and two single beds joined together. =\)

then it was marrybrown for lunch after our short nap. instead of the usual macdonald kind of fish fillet, they used the fish-n-chips kind of fillet for their burger. i likes too!

we were lucky that the weather was quite good during our stay, so we could go outside for walks.

and then dinner time at 好味. (eating with SSD's family usually results in no photos cos i'm too paiseh to take. boo.) after that, we went to watch unstoppable. my first time watching movie in a big group of 8. (usually it's just 3 max. sighh.)

anyway, the movie was surprisingly good. PL had also raved about it, but yahoo movie reviews apparently put it down a lot, so i was quite surprised it turned out so action-packed. storyline was predictable as expected, but the way they tried to stop the train was just so exciting! RM and time well spent. :)

day 2

a super 自恋 pic to start the day! major eyebag disaster. boo!

went for dimsum brunch.

not too bad i think, but according to my dimsum-loving parents, quality sucks. so, yeah. lol.

we also went walking outside, wanting to visit the garden. but it was closed for renovation. sadded. but still, pretty pink flowers on our way back. lol.

then slacked at starbucks for a while before beginning the shopping session. in the end it was SSD who bought 2 shirts while i merely bought a couple of hair clips and a pair of salmon sushi earrings. boo.

cute hor?! when got sushi craving can stare at it. lols.

spent the rest of the afternoon at the arcade. besides the usual car racing...

...and shooting games, majority of our time, effort and RM went to this new game where there are 4 scenarios in which you are given 60 seconds to bang on the table and at the very end, flip it. and you score based on the amount of damage you caused. some scenes were especially funny and there was almost always a crowd gathering there to watch. it's kinda hard to describe the fun and i forgot to take a photo, but if you're there you should pay it a visit. ^_^

SSD bruised his hand while i squashed the bell on my bracelet. but in the end we managed to accumulate enough points to bring these home.

then steamboat hot pot for dinner.

i kept cooking the squid and cuttlefish only because those with oyster garlic sauce is super delicious! in fact, anything with the oyster sauce is yums. lols. variety of food wasn't alot, tables were too small and the place too cramped. but i had fun. :)

headed down sportsbook in time for the final f1 race this year.

vettel won the championship in the end, after alonso failed to finish at least 4th. hamilton and button completed the podium. sighhh. no more f1 till next year. jiayou hammie! =\

day 3

macdonalds for brunch! originally had craving for the big breakfast, but i realized it was quite bohua since i don't eat the meat. why can't they have fish big breakfast?! boo. settled for fish fillet, in which they used another kind of fillet and wasn't as yummy.

then packed bag, went for lunch (again!) and departed.

2.5 days is so short! totally didn't want to come back. besides the fact that the air was cooler and nicer, and my skin and hair felt better up there, i also relished the quality alone time with SSD. which was not quite enough as we had to consider spending time with both families as well. ME WANTS MORE WEEKEND GETAWAYS! :P

... ...

this song is nice! anyone can find the mp3 for me? =X


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