Sunday, March 13, 2011

i conquered the world!

okay that's an overstatement. the world? no. southern ridges? yes. =)

if you didn't know, the southern ridges is a 9km stretch of green, open spaces spanning the hills of mount faber park, telok blangah hill park and kent ridge park. split into 8 sectors, it took us more than 3 hours (i think) to complete the whole walk. it was a fun experience, tiring nonetheless. but my main objective was to practise / test with sotongball, which i was pretty impressed with today.

our breakfast:

and off we go!

1. the marang trail

i was wearing slippers so i didn't quite like this part of the walk. the path was rocky and there were so many stairs up! (sotongball on foliage mode. see for yourself! ^^)

didn't take much photos here since i was concentrating on the climbing. quite worth it cos the view up there was nice. sky is pretty!

2. the faber walk

this part was easier since we could stroll under the shelter. stopped by jewel box too. i suppose it would be nice and romantic here at night. =\

3. henderson waves

4. hilltop walk

not much impression of this sector. lols.

5. forest walk

this part was kinda scary because it was like that:

madagascar anyone? =P

6. alexandra arch

took a photo of this place but it turned out not very nice so i borrowed one.

it's just a bridge to cross the road lor.

7. hortpark

sotongball more on macro mode here. it's hard to keep my hands steady enough for a clear, sharp shot. boo!

it was like a big garden with lots of flowers! a lot of plants on sale too. there was this big but shallow pond and guess what was inside? koi and cichlids and parrot fish and arowanas and even a big fat red-tailed catfish!

literally, a bed of roses. :P

oooh what's that? and the leaves are heart-shaped.

there was also a butterfly enclosure, which i didn't step in. this one was outside.

next two are my best favorite shots of today. pretty in purple (and yellow)!

8. canopy walk

another treetops trail with wooden floorboards instead. nice and cooling and relaxing up there, but the walk up was tiring.

a something-pede that so nearly got squashed.

and that's the end of our trail! upon reaching the top, we walked back to hortpark and took a bus back to harbourfront. lols. something i don't mind doing again, as long as there's SSD. =)


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