Monday, March 21, 2011

"you look like a fungi!"

wanted to watch red riding hood or world invasion today, but SSD said both had bad reviews, so we decided on gnomeo and juliet.

it was hilarious as what i had expected, but i didn't think they would follow the original shakespeare story soooo closely. even the names (montague, capulet, tybalt etc) remained. a short, predictable and funny movie. a good laugh was just what i needed. sighx.

had nihon mura for lunch. it was rather empty, considering it was pretty much lunchtime. i guess it's hard for japanese restaurants to be not affected by the radiation warnings. oh wells, i ain't gonna give up my jap food! =\

i recently finished this drama series "the rippling blossom" (just read the synopsis from the link), which shows salmon sushi, or any other nigiri sushi, looking like this:

compare that with those served locally. i feel cheated. don't you?

... ...

balloon fair at marina square!

seemed like everyone down there had a kid around somewhere. so i was super paiseh to go down for photos. only can zoooooom from upstairs. boo!

... ...

sighx. it's sunday again. week-long battle at MBS begins. at least, i have the weekend to look forward to. =) please don't let me lose my temper again. *cross fingers*



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