Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my arms are aching.

it felt like yesterday when we were informed of the exhibition that we would be participating in. how we brushed it aside thinking how far away it was.

we started on our catalogue production first. it took us 7 months, freaking lots of changes and pissing off our designer to finally see them delivering stacks and stacks of the finished books this afternoon. then our brochure. to see 2000 copies of my brochure design waiting to be distributed; a weird sense of pride.

booth design took a rushed 1 month plus, and i was finally brought to the hall this afternoon.

budget constraint = simple booth. but even this took 3-4 changes and loads of meetings and discussions to finalize. i don't like this design actually, but boss insisted, even AFTER we told him it wasn't nice. oh wells.

especially these back panel graphics. they (bosses) had absolutely zero sense of creativity and their design was so horrendous, that i took over instead. -__-

not very professional of course, but 101% nicer than what they originally designed. i remember i got so frustrated when they almost used their design, that i started blabbering my design. so funny now that i think back. but i was in charge of the booth and i ain't gonna let them ruin my reputation.

now, it's finally going to begin. what happens during this exhibition, isn't really my concern anymore. and by friday, IT WILL BE OVER! all that stress and frustration, OVER! and with my weekend getaway with SSD, even more to look forward to. :D

sighhx. this exhibition shit was torturous. i was more or less always in a bad mood which i took out on innocent people. frankly speaking, coordinating all this design stuff was easy. probably chicken feet even. dealing with my bosses' indecisiveness and fickle-mind was the hard and frustrating part.

too many times have i lost my temper because they changed their mind at the last minute. more often then not, it was those that i had already settled.

but glad to say, i gained stuff too. i'd never thought i could handle all this. the sense of satisfaction now; indescribable. =) i also learnt that it was easier to make decisions around the office now, since i've proved that i can and bosses don't really have a mind of their own.

does this count as events coordinator experience? if so, any event companies willing to take me in? :P


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