Sunday, March 10, 2013


haven't been blogging as much as i'd like to; hits at nuffnang has been stagnant for a while and that's not gonna bring me moolah. so i'm just gonna churn out a post for post's sake. =X

had pizza hut earlier this month to celebrate our 39th monthsary. standard chartered had 1-for-1 so we stuffed ourselves silly. love the cream pasta and cheese mushrooms. and the tofu salad. first time having salad as a dish and not a side lol.

it was a crazy period last week with all the preparations, and i even fell sick with stomach flu! boo. anyway, we had the obedience trials yesterday and it was quite an eye opener with all the different exercises the dogs were tested on. the dogs were also totally different inside and outside the ring. i was super jelly and wondering when popo will be able to do that. =( might just take up the offer of free obedience classes. if i can find transport there. 

then we had to setup for the conformation shows and SSD came to help, so he got fleeced into being free labor. lol. so hungry after everything from not eating the whole day, and we went for porn's. 

liked everything except the longan drink and sambal kangkong. =\

and then it's show day today! had been super stressed out about today ever since we confirmed it back then, and i'm glad it went through without any major hiccup. a lot of people (staff and members alike) were telling me to be prepared for members who'd start screaming because things were not done properly. i must say i'm very glad not only to not have to deal with screaming members, but to meet smiling members instead. even infamously troublesome ones. *pats self on back*

after the mad morning rush, i finally could settle down in a corner and watch the afternoon session. from a spectator's point of view, i guess it's so easy to take for granted the seemingly seamless transition between judging individual dogs, to breeds, and then groups. if people knew how much behind-the-scene work is running concurrently everywhere in order for the transition to be seamless, they would be a lot more understanding and cooperative.

not looking forward to the aftermath of shows because there's so much more paperwork to be done and updated. again, i wish the outside people knew exactly how much work goes into each show and the championship points. be more understanding can?! tsk. 

nevertheless, i had fun - setting up, befriending members (meeting people is something i never thought i would enjoy), watching the show...and i was really excited to see the breeds that aren't commonly seen around. like this huge bullmastiff in first place.

the individual crates they came in (he has a pair of mastiffs) could probably fit 10 popos! the dober also looked unexpectedly toot and friendly. so hard trying to resist cuddling the dogs! XD

ah wells. i don't like the tired part of it though. and it's only the first event of march. 2 more to go! busy month!

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