Friday, March 29, 2013

the host & imperial. again.

happy good friday! although it's ending soon. :\

got a pair of free GV tickets courtesy of biore, so we went to watch the host. i don't think we'll ever find out about this movie if not for the free ticket that SSD had (which came with so many restrictions we kinda gave up trying to use it). the movie is based on a novel written by stephanie meyer, which was one of the reasons for wanting to watch it. the other reason, is the storyline.

from wikipedia, "Parasitic aliens called "Souls" have invaded the Earth and have begun to possess the minds of humans. Melanie Stryder's body has been inhabited by a Soul named Wanderer, but she refuses to fade away. Wanderer starts to see Melanie's memories, in which she sees her loved ones and eventually finds a connection with them, too. Melanie is trapped inside Wanderer's mind, speaking to her mentally, when both decide to set off and find Melanie's loved ones."

i've kinda taken to earth-invasion movies recently. anyone knows where to borrow the book? :)

dinner at my favorite vivocity restaurant - imperial. again. it was quite full and we were given a table in a small room. i think it's some kind of storeroom or changing room or something, but i pretty much enjoy the privacy and peace. and proper chairs. shall try to ask for this again next time! :P

quite healthy i would say. and yummy too. love the salted egg prawns! i wish i could buy this salted egg paste from somewhere. i'll probably have it with everything i eat. lol.

and the end! cos i have work tomorrow. if you haven't heard, there is this mediacorp pets event to be held at the grandstand from 4-7pm. come say hi if you do drop by!

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