Wednesday, March 20, 2013

house of steamboat & AVA RPO

last weekend was yet another busy period. but still i managed to drop by summer sweet on sat to fix my gels! they were peeling so horribly with all the packing and stuff. though they lasted me a good 1.5 months. =) did a white tip this time and was soooo disappointed at the quality. the work of a newbie. hais. 

then we got our wedding rings! it wasn't the one i was aiming for earlier, but this one was at first sight i guess, so it didn't take very long. lol. spent all that money even faster than the time taken for our lunch. tsk. should i start panicking that our rom/taiwan trip is in oct and i haven't started planning anything at all? =X

headed back to bugis area for shopping and bugis street strikes again! hate how i almost always buy something there. after that i wanted bbq/steamboat and we finally decided on house of steamboat. to be frank the initial impression of it was not too bad. but i was quite disappointed after we settled in.

first of all, the service sucks bad. and the top it off, servers were from china. 'nuff said. secondly, food variety was pretty limited. thirdly, we had to use A LOT of butter so that the plate won't dry up, so my bbq food was literally dripping with oil. but to be fair, their dory fish slices were nice and thick; i think i had 3-4 servings of that. they also had sotong and prawns and crab so i suppose it's still quite worth it if you order the more expensive stuff.

what was interesting to me was the glass plate on the induction cooker. have never tried bbq like this before! anyone knows where i can get one? then i can have bbq at home! lol. but they told SSD not to put chilli sauce on the glass because it will crack or something? can someone explain the science behind it? i didn't even dare to bbq my food with garlic after that. tsk.

had work the next day so it had to be home sweet home. 

my second 'event' of the month - AVA RPO (responsible pet ownership), and it was held at the hdb hub. i know it's very bad to be saying this about my own workplace, but our booth was so horribly pathetic, i honestly wanted to dig a hole and hide. boss is so cheapskate; we have just a few small posters, no brochures, no nothing. and she doesn't find anything wrong with it at all. 

if not for my exkolic who came down to accompany me, i don't know how to pass the day, literally watching people pass by. -_- and we need to participate in this kinda shit 4 times a year. seriously praying something good comes out from the next agm. >.<

had lots of 感觸 after the whole thing but i can't be bothered to relieve that horrible memory, so yeah. let's hope the next event will be better. 

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