Friday, September 20, 2013

Who Are You, The Master's Sun? =P

Today's post is actually to share the two korean dramas I'm recently watching. 

Who Are You (16 episodes)

Storyline: Female detective Yang Si Ohn (YSO) wakes up after an accident on the job left her in a coma for 6 years. Momentarily losing her memory, she also realizes she has gained the ability to see ghosts. They ask for help, she helps them. Until she sees her boyfriend's ghost. Her memories slowly come back, and she realizes there's more to the accident back then, where the boyfriend was shot and she herself knocked into a coma. After that the story revolves around YSO trying to find out what exactly happened, with the help of her subordinate Cha Gun Woo (CGW), who happens to also fall in love with her. 

Complicated storyline. What made it better, was eye candy! Lol. It just finished airing a couple of days ago, and the ending was weird. Apparently, while CGW was injured into a coma saving her, he also gained the ability to communicate with ghosts. Just that they appear in his dreams instead. I was...a tiny bit disappointed I guess. 

I read some comments that there was a similar drama which was much much better than this. I was thinking, "this is so good already. How can there be one better?" And since I didn't have anything to do, I gave it a shot.

The Master's Sun (16 episodes, might increase)

Storyline: Tae Yang (TY) has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts ever since her accident which left her in a coma for several years. They appear randomly and scare her, sometimes asking her for help. As a result, TY has been unable to sleep well nor hold a job for long. Until she meets CEO Joo Joong Won (JJW). She realizes that whenever he touches her, the ghosts disappear. She then tries to hold on to her 'safety shelter'.

JJW keeps TY nearby as he hopes she can communicate with his dead ex and find out where she kept the ransom. (He was involved in a kidnapping and the ex was one of the kidnappers.) Slowly he falls in love with TY.

I'm at episode 12 now, where he got stabbed when trying to save her, and appears to her in the form of a non-human. I'm really hoping he's not dead. *cross fingers* (Why do they do that anyway? Isn't it easier and safer to just push the attacker away?)

This drama doesn't really have eye candy, but it's true. It IS better than Who Are You. For one, the ghosts are scarier. I totally got a shock the first time. It's also more interesting since there's a different 'story' with each ghost, while still revolving around the two main leads. And that love story is to-die-for! Why does it only happen in dramas? :(

Oh wells. Can't wait for the next episode. Do check them out if you have the time. ^^

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