Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Looking good baby! :)

  • Venue & Decoration Venue confirmed but I realized we've yet to discuss the actual decorations with them. Really hope they'll be able to create it the way I have it in mind. 
  • Photographer Confirmed! 
  • Outfits Need to send for dry cleaning lol. 
  • Makeup Confirmed. Can't wait for the trial!
  • Invitation Cards Given out!
  • Engagement Shoot Over and done with. Had fun!
  • Songs & Montage Halfway done. Just waiting for my photos!
  • Food Just waiting for the food-tasting session! My fave! =)
  • Guestlist Confirmed!
  • Favors Packed and ready to go!
  • Guestbook Need to get my lazy ass working on it.
  • Ring pillow Lazy me. 
  • JOP Confirmed.
  • Rings Pending collection. 
  • Taiwan minimoon Booked!

Ticked some items off the list in a month. Now, just need to get the remaining 4 done this month. No hiccups please!

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