Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Whole Earth Peranakan Thai Vegetarian

I know vegetarian food is generally more expensive but this was, well, mind-blowing lol. So yesterday, we collected our outfits and I was too starved to go any further, so we settled for this vegetarian restaurant nearby. It wasn't really packed; lots of empty tables, so I thought I could have the food quick. Quite disappointingly, they even took some time to come get our orders. Mehh. 

Tom Yum Soup, $9 for small (2 pax)
Seriously, for 2 pax?! There were minimal bits of cabbage, mushrooms and shredded crab sticks inside. The soup itself was mild, and just...normal. 

Nonya Curry, $19
For almost twenty bucks I would have to say this small bowl of curry is freaking expensive. There were some potatoes and veg meat inside, although it's supposed to be 'made of' shiitake mushrooms. It tasted like any other normal veg meat though. The curry itself was alright - thick and mildly spicy. 

Sambal Long Beans with Tempeh, $12
Not sure why it's 'sambal' cos there's no sambal in it. ¬.¬ Beans were a little undercooked, but otherwise this was probably the best dish of the three. I liked the taste of the tempeh. 

Calamansi, $4.50 & Fresh Soursop, $4.90
Lime was pretty nice and sour and refreshing, though a little too expensive. The soursop was a rip-off. It was bland and somewhat tasteless, with a few pieces of soursop. 

The meal set me back by $62 and it's really one of the worst ways to waste money and calories. I really wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. Definitely a no-no-no! 

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