Saturday, August 10, 2013

A lesson learnt.

For months, popo has been losing hair. Her ears got the brunt of it. I thought of all the possible reasons - ear infection, ear mites, detox, lack of nutrition, stress, and hormones. The vet cleared my doubts about her ears, while I increased her organ intake for nutrients. She definitely didn't look stressed. 

Finally I couldn't bear it anymore. I brought her back to her ex-owner. Almost immediately he blamed the shampoo. He said that the shampoo that I was using wasn't suitable for her coat. It made it very oily and was the main cause of her hair loss. I have no idea why he said it was oily cos it felt super nice and soft and fluffy to me. But he's the one with decades of experience with dogs, bian.

Can you imagine how guilty I felt? =( Not to mention how fucking expensive her shampoo and conditioner was.  Damn heartpain can?! Luckily he gave me huge bottles of shampoo, conditioner and treatment shampoo for free. Really thankful cos I don't think I can fork out another $100. -_-

After just one wash, I could see the difference already, especially at her ears. It seemed like her hair 'opened up'. Now I see what he meant by oily. And I feel even more guilty. I've been using it for months! *horror* But 不知者無罪 right? It's not like I purposely torture her or anything. =|

Oh wells. But I'm really glad because he also said popo looked healthier. And she's at the perfect weight. Maybe a little bit fatter cos she's been pigging out recently. It must be the raw food. It has to be. I definitely feel more confident about this raw feeding thing now. By the way I started her on fish a few days ago. So far so good! =) Although pocket hole not doing very good. Tsk.

Ahhh~ Sorry popo. Mama didn't do it on purpose. =( Let's hope the new series of shampoo and conditioner can save your coat. And you'll be the prettiest papillon ever!

P/s. I'm not blaming the shampoo. It's a good brand. It's just that popo wasn't suitable for it. 

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