Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I hate this piece of shit.

WARNING: Full of expletives. 

I know me posting this up comes with the risk of losing my job. But seriously, I don't fucking care anymore. Sack me if you wish. ¬.¬

If you don't know, I'm with the SKC. It's a dog club. Google it yourself. When I first got the job, I was very excited. Dogs + events = dream come true! Sure the pay and benefits suck, but I thought since everyone are dog lovers (that's why you're in the club right?), it would be one big happy family. 

I was SO SO wrong. Within the first week, I was introduced to the various politics in the club. As much as I tried to avoid it, there were times I was stuck in the middle with no clear direction of how to proceed. Loads of people had authority to change things but obviously they don't fucking care either. 

The previous staff left me piles of shit to clear. Even up till now, members are still complaining to me about stuff not done properly back then. But I was still okay with coming to work, because I had a great colleague Rita. We worked together and helped each other. Yes, t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r. 

Then she dropped the bomb that she was on her notice period. ¬.¬ FML. And along came ah tiong bitch to replace her. I have never ever hated a colleague as much as I fucking hate her now. She's super lazy, selfish, dumb (or super smart at acting dumb) and I'm not the only one complaining about her. And the sad thing is, whenever she can't do her job properly, it falls to me. Ironically, she's drawing a higher pay than me. Nice job SKC! 

Ever since she arrived, I've been starting to dread coming to work. I hate seeing her. I hate hearing her voice. I hate it when she start asking stupid questions. I hate it when I have to clear her shit. The last straw is Discover Dogs 2013. 

Last Sunday, we had the DD at the expo, with 3 conformation show rings, 1 agility ring, 1 obedience ring, 1 grooming ring, and 1 companion dog ring. Out of the 7 rings, 5 was under me. Obedience was the easiest, cos I was working together with the chairman. Agility had just lost its chairman, so they were a bit unorganized. But I also worked together with the team. For show, I had to do 95% of the work alone, but I wasn't that pissed because it was also like that in March.

Ah tiong only had the grooming and companion ring. Logistics was under her as well. And yes, she cocked up. =)

I thought setup day was bad enough. Every ring had its team to setup together. Except the 3 show rings. It was me and myself. First the bitch unloaded the boxes so freaking far from the rings, then she took the trolley away when she only had a few boxes to carry. Poor me had to carry the 10+ heavy boxes one by one, to and fro, ALONE. Thank you SKC, you are so fair and just. 

Show day was just amazing. I was in charge of show/obedience registration, the exhibitor chairs, tables, powerpoints, and my boss conveniently put me overall in charge. It seemed like everyone was looking for me for every damn problem they had. I could barely step away from the table cos there was so much money lying around. and I. WAS. ALONE. 

In the afternoon I moved to my next station, the SKC booth (which I also had to setup), and saw ah tiong happily chatting away with her 3 helpers. If you need 4 people for 1 registration booth for 1 half-day ring with barely 50 dogs (to compare, I have more than 200 dogs in 5 full-day rings), you are so fucking useless in my dictionary. Did I also mention she's in charge of manpower and she hired helpers for her own 2 rings only? Thanks bitch. 

And the best part is, when the event was over, everyone patted their asses and left. Okay except the agility ring, where the team packed up together, and I packed up the obedience ring together with the chairman. Fuck you show committee. I was so stunned when I was left alone to pack up the 3 show rings! In the end the obe chairman stayed behind to help me and thankfully he did, or else I might just sit there and cry. It was frustrating beyond words!

And if you were there and have the event booklet, look carefully. It doesn't have my name in it. Yes it's a small thing. And yes I'm very petty. It's so easy to throw everything to me but so difficult to type my name? The simplest form of acknowledgement you also don't want to give me, I don't see why I'm going to work hard for you anymore. 

Sigh. Of cos, there are goods and bads. Despite the 90% shit I get, I don't have regrets joining SKC because of the 10%. The greatest benefit is the networking. Show exhibitors come from all walks of life. Although a lot of political members are complete assholes, the ones that I'm close to are nice and friendly. You don't need to know everyone. Just a few important, influential, rich, and nice ones will do. ;)

If not for them, I wouldn't have gotten my baby popo. I wouldn't have learnt so much about dogs and grooming. I wouldn't have learnt about obedience training nor experienced the excitement of agility. These members were the ones who thanked me for the hard work, helped me out when I couldn't split myself into different places, bought food and water for me when I couldn't step away for lunch, and overall, just being understanding. 

Yes I am very bitter about this. SKC has the worst management I have ever come across and I really discourage people from joining. Unless you're just as political as those assholes and are here for your own personal benefit. In fact, all of the past staff have left bitter and unhappy. I'm just waiting for a year to be up to move on. Truth be told, as a dog owner, I don't see any use for SKC here. They don't care about the welfare of dogs in singapore at all. And dog showing is a rich man's hobby which majority cannot afford. 

So yep. I can't help it while I'm still here. But once I'm gone, I'm definitely gonna boycott them. Pui!

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