Wednesday, August 7, 2013

shuffle & chupitos

I'm on a roll! =D

So I met the gals zhu and cher last week to pass them my bombs invitation cards. So nice to them to take mc for me. LOL! And no matter how much time I take, I'll never be late because cher is always the latest. Almost always! =P

Dinner was at Shuffle. It's just your average bistro with live music, but I quite like that place. Although it was dark (sad cos can't take photos) and very very noisy. Definitely not the place to chitchat cos you have to shout across the table lol. 

Food was pretty yummy. I took the spicy prawn pasta. Which came with 5 big and fresh prawnies. Service was nice and prompt. pitstop 24/7 please 反省. Got my favorite long island too. But either it's too potent, or I haven't been drinking for ages. Felt tipsy after half a glass. -.-

Prices are not cheap, but I guess it's reasonable for this location. I think I know where to go for our next date! ;)

We then decided to walk over to Robinson Quay, for some reason I can't remember. But then cher spotted Chupitos, and promptly plopped herself on the high stool. LMAO stunned me for a second. Apparently apart from the usual cocktail flavors, they also serve weird special ones! I spotted pee. Lol I know I keep harping on this pee shot. Really curious to know how it would taste like, but don't have guts to try. =|

Our first round (L to R) - Paddle Pop, Bandung, Cosmopolitan.

I so like this photo! *haolian* Light was from cher's flash mwhahahaha~! She kept raving about the paddle pop and yes I agree! It's damn nice la! Bandung tastes like...bandung lor. With a hint of alcohol. Cosmo was nice, but nothing special.

Second round (L to R) - Lychee Martini, Pandan, Milo Godzilla.

Dunno why this girl go order lychee martini when we already tried that at Shuffle. LOL. The four white blobs are whipped cream, but we managed to not drink it! ^^v I preferred the pandan over the milo as I felt the latter's alcohol taste was overwhelming. But both of them liked it though.

I think it's called a shot because you have to drink it in one shot. But three of us mixed and matched and had little sips instead lol. Maybe next time we'll try them in one shot!

The night out burned a big hole in my already holey pocket, but it was nice. Just like those days. I want more! =)

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