Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My disappointing Pup Post experience

So in April, I had signed up for the Pup Post, a bi-monthly surprise box. If you've heard of Vanity Trove, Bella Box or Black Box etc, the Pup Post is something like that. But for dogs. I signed up after seeing the many positive reviews and the items inside the April box really attracted me. I thought it was really worth it!

Two months later, it was finally my turn. And it got off to a bad start. According to them, the boxes were sent out every 15th of the month. When I didn't receive it more than a week later, I checked with them, who in turn checked with Stinkpost. They got back to me on the 27th, that the parcel was undelivered due to a wrong address. Technically, it was my fault (wtf was I thinking?! *slaps self*), but if Stinkpost had called, the problem would have been solved. Right there and then.

I then called Stinkpost, and was informed that they tried to deliver unsuccessfully on the 17th, and was sitting at the Paya Lebar office since then. To retrieve it, I had to drop by Paya Lebar during office hours (not that bad since I work nearby), and pay $21.40 to get it back. Like, seriously? You have to jump at every chance to squeeze every bit of money out of us? And they actually keep it for 10 days only, before it gets sent back to the sender. *exasperated*

Sigh. I wish people would stop using Stinkpost. They suck! I haven't had any problems with other couriers. Like the other time, the courier guy called me when no one was at home to receive my Black Box. I told him to just put it behind the shoe rack. He actually made the effort to hide it, so well that even I myself couldn't find it. You think Stinkpost will do that? Eat shit please. Yes I admit it's my fault for giving the wrong address, but a simple call could have solved everything isn't it? Tsk.

Anyway it's September now. And I have yet to receive both the June, and the August box. I believe they sent it to the wrong address again, even though they said they would update the database. That's $90! Down the drain if for whatever reason I do not receive the boxes. Last week they did offer to refund me the June box but no sound no picture as of today. I have since cancelled the subscription. Very disappointed customer is me. Boo.

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