Friday, April 4, 2014

BBQ World Korean Restaurant

My first and last time at a korean bbq. :|

I was craving for steamboat bbq one Friday, and happened to come across this offer on Deals - $22.90 nett for korean bbq and hotpot. It came with free flow sushi, sashimi and drinks. A brief search showed pretty positive reviews, so we went for it.

It was quite authentic, with korean-speaking staff and customers. The food was pretty authentic too. There were some cooked side dishes, of which I only took the appetizers. The kimchi was really good! Managed to take some sashimi too, although the quality was very disappointing.

And authentic korean bbq would mean that, majority of the food were MEAT! Fml. I got a shock when I went there expecting fish slices. Unfortunately, the only seafood were the squid and prawns, with the former being horrendously spicy for me. (It actually stated fish on the deals voucher; no idea where the fish went to.) So, I ate meat. =(

I ate mainly the beef belly slices, which to be fair, were not bad. Paired that with the veggies. There were other kinds of meat, like pork and chicken, though we didn't really try them. Meat lovers would definitely enjoy it more than us lol. The hotpot was not too bad too. I'm guessing it was chicken stock they poured in. We added lots of mushrooms (several different types available) and at the end of it the soup was delicious! There was also watermelon fruit punch and some vinegar drink. Super nice the vinegar drink!

So, while I doubt I'll be returning, I suppose it would be a good place worth coming if you enjoy your meats. =)

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