Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wanted: Participants for Animal Communication practice

Lol never thought I'll be posting something like this on my blog. I'll probably get more feedback if I used Facebook but not sure how many genuinely want to help me. So, let's try this platform first.

I took the foundation level of animal communication last weekend, and I am now looking for participants (dogs or cats only) to help me practise. Even though I took this workshop so I could speak to Popo, I do realize and agree that it is more difficult to practise on your own pet because you already know him/her very well.

So what is animal communication? In simple terms, speaking to your pet. It's not verbal commands nor interpreting your pet's behavior. I'm not an animal behaviorist. I do not need to touch or see your pet in person. I just....connect. Or try to. Lol.

It is most important to understand that I am only a beginner, and I make mistakes. I don't get connected always, nor do I get all questions correct. That's why practice is important and I thank the people who truly want to help me improve.

♥ You must be the legal owner of the dog/cat.
♥ You must allow me to talk to your pet.
♥ No other animal communicators are speaking to him/her.
♥ The owner (you!) must not be too critical nor give negative comments. For a selfish but practical reason, it affects my confidence and that's not helping me improve. No need to lie either. Just tell me nicely that the answer doesn't seem to be what it is. =P
♥ You must not blame your pet for whatever he/she tells me. Please please don't.

♥ A photo of your dog/cat's face. The butt might work but I'd rather not.
♥ Name of pet
♥ Questions. Maximum 5 please. Ask simple straightforward questions like favorite toy or food. Don't expect them to understand questions like "do you want to be sterilized?" -_- (Some animals don't even know if they're male or female.)
♥ Email or Facebook message me.

♥ I may not be able to connect. But I will keep trying.
♥ I make mistakes. Be gentle with your words. :)
♥ It is possible that your pet does not want to talk to me. I'm not going to force.
♥ I supposedly have an affinity with cats but I find that I work better with dogs. Nevertheless, let me try.
♥ I prefer not to connect with deceased pets. Not yet.

So if you are willing to help me out here, or know anyone who does, please do contact me. TIA! :)

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