Thursday, January 22, 2015

KBB - Korean BBQ Buffet

Yesterday we went for Korean bbq again! At the Toa Payoh outlet. I've decided to dedicate one day every month to have my fill of meat. (I'm normally a pescetarian if you don't know.)

Bought the vouchers from Deals at $24.90 per pax (weekday dinner). Quite surprised that it's actually for bbq plus steamboat! No pictures sorry; too excited to start.

Food variety was okay. Let's see what I can remember - chicken bulgogi, beef bulgogi, beef belly slices, pork belly slices, marinated pork chops, beef ribeye slices, fish slices, prawns, sotong, hotdog, fishball. And the usual veggies, cooked food, drinks, and ice cream etc.

Very pleased with this dinner! Can't comment on the texture cos I think I overcooked mine all the time. But the marination was not too bad. Especially the chicken bulgogi. Spicy versions were really spicy though.

Tell you something funny. I have always tried to eat it the korean way - veggie wrap, kimchi, garlic, and meat. But the garlic was way too pungent for my liking. So a few days ago I googled "how to eat korean bbq", and realized that you actually have to grill the garlic as well! Lmao. I did it this time, and omg they taste so much better! Lesson learnt.

I am SO looking forward to my next meat-gorging session here again. XD

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