Sunday, January 18, 2015

Silly girl's day out!

First stop - off to the vets!

It's been 1.5 months since I started her on the digestive enzymes for her loose stool problem. It has more or less solved the issue, except for a few times when she ate something that didn't agree with her tummy. It's been a huge roller coaster ride and I'm still doing trial and error to see what she can and cannot take. So far I know she can't take dehydrated treats and too much egg. A few days ago I accidentally overfed too much lamb and she's had a couple of loose stools too. Sigh.

Anyway, vet checkup. I went back to Dr Ling this time and she was pretty concerned how my girl was doing. (After all, I was there 3 times for this issue previously.) Felt quite bad to switch from Dr. Christine to Dr. Ling, but she's still my favorite vet so far lol. Told her about the enzymes and unfortunately, there's no test for EPI locally. But she'll check it out for me. She also said it MAY not be EPI; could be simply a lack of enzymes. *shrugs*

Physical check was okay, except for her teeth. Guess I need to start brushing everyday now. Blood test results were normal. Weight was okay. Basically I just had to continue whatever I'm doing now. Nothing to worry about as of now. Phew!

Side note, while waiting for the blood test results, a muzzled Samoyed came in and the whole area was filled with the stench of doggy odour. Not sure if it's normal for it or there's something terribly wrong with the poor thing, but it was horrendous. I immediately stuck my face into Popo. Even without a bath for 2 weeks, she still smelt good! >.<

Then we headed to Marina Barrage! Exceptionally lots of people having picnics and flying kites. Quite a lot seemed interested in silly girl cos she's just too pretty! *haolian* XD


And the Samsung NX Mini now belongs to silly girl! Much better at taking photos of her than my phone or Olympus EP2. ^^

Can't wait for our next outing!

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