Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pasta de Waraku

We were at Novena's Square 2 yesterday to get some venison for my silly girl. Decided on Pasta de Waraku for dinner. Been such a long time since we had this!

I ordered a simple aglio olio ($11.80) while SSD got tomyum seafood ($19.80). Both came with yummy salad sides. SSD said they must be laughing inside how someone stupid like me ordered plain spaghetti with chilli and garlic for 12 bucks. >.< But it was nice what! And also cos I wanted to order something else to share. We got the dory combo ($14.80). I was attracted to the criss fries. The fish was pretty normal, and SSD found a bone in his. Oops. Macha float ($7.80) was a little disappointing. Should have gotten just coke instead. Total bill = $63.79. 

Fml. =)

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