Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy 1st Anniversary! =)

Today marks the 365th day since I brought Popo home. I used to joke how she's my valentine baby, since it's a day after v-day. And indeed, she has brought me a year of love, fun, and laughter. <3<3<3

If you don't already know, she's a one-person dog and I feel so so fortunate to be that one person! *haolian* It's an amazing and special feeling to have your dog so bonded to you; I've never experienced it with Bobby. I really hope it will remain this way LOL. *selfish*

Probably that's why I also feel so attached and protective of her. She's like my daughter. Her physical health, her mental wellbeing, her emotions......I just want to give her the best (that I can afford). It feels like my heart is just bursting with love everytime I think about her. (Shit is that what they call, maternal love?)

I guess I'm exaggerating. But doesn't anyone feel like this too? I can't be the only weird one?! Oh wells. 

Anyway. Some milestones in our first year together!
  • Switched her from kibbles to 95% raw (5% goes to the blanched salmon and hard-boiled egg)
  • Started her on supplements
  • From totally untrained to basic trained
  • Her being the cutest ringbearer ever in our ROM
  • Swimming for the first time
  • Her first official outing to Marina Barrage + first attempt at socializing
  • Our first visit to a dog cafe

Our goals in the next year.
  • Upgrade her meat quality (Please rain money!)
  • To participate in a doggie gathering
  • To let her try out agility
  • Most importantly, to socialize her! 

I bought her a box of valentine cookies from Pawlicious last week. The happy girl with her present. The cookies are supposedly made with purpleberry, blueberry and cranberry. I tried it myself (Popo can't finish all herself) and they were not bad. Though I don't really like having flour in her diet, so I guess first and last time.

Happy anniversary baby! And many more years to come! <3
(SSD don't jealous okay? It's a different kind of love lol.)

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