Monday, February 17, 2014

Our first doggie gathering!

Lots of firsts recently! :)

So last Sunday, we attended a bbq cum our first doggie gathering. A papillon gathering to be exact. I was quite excited initially, to get a chance to see so many papillons gathered together. But after Popo's behavior at the groomer's the week before, I was starting to worry if she would be too stressed out. 

Thankfully all went rather well! 

When I put her down, she went around sniffing the butts of other paps. She seemed okay with other paps smelling hers too lol. Outside, we let all the paps loose and she started following me around. I think everyone knows her as the one who follows the owner lmao!

It was my first time attending such gatherings and I didn't know anyone, so my evening was spent at a side watching Popo and waiting for poor SSD to cook food for me. We actually weren't full too. Ke lian us.

Bought some pupcakes and a medium cake for the dogs. From The Barkery as recommended by a fellow pap owner. Here's the pretty cake. Didn't get to snap the pupcakes since they were gone unknowingly. 

The greedy pig had huge bites out of all the 3 pupcakes plus a few slices of the cake. Which ended up in a very bloated and uncomfortable night for her. Tell you all something funny. The next morning, I was feeling her tummy, and she let out a loud fart. And she jumped at the sound of her own fart hahahaha! Okay I'm bad. 

Anyway, that sums up our first doggie gathering. More to come hopefully! :)

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