Monday, February 3, 2014

Our first raw chicken feet

This deserves a blog post because I think it's a big deal. Popo had her first raw chicken feet today LOL. I know I know, I've blogged a lot on her raw feeding. But chicken feet! They're so creepy and freak me out. Totally. I used to be unable to even look at them, much less handle them.

However, chicken feet are a good (and natural) source of glucosamine. Popo's almost 5 years old already, and she jumps a lot on hard floorings. I'm pretty reluctant to feed her store-bought glucosamine supplements, since she doesn't have a problem with her joints at the moment. So chicken feet are like the perfect addition to her diet - an occasional cheap and natural dose of glucosamine.

So yes, I touched a chicken foot for the first time today. And gave Popo her first one too. *proud of self*

Some 'tips' I got online:
1. Don’t look closely at the feet. (Shit!)
2. Don’t listen to the sounds of scratching nails as you dump the package into the bowl. (Nope, snipped them off!)
3. Don’t watch your pup eat the feet because inevitably your dog will look up at you with a foot hanging out of it’s mouth. (Oops! Yes she did. Now I'm traumatized.)
4. No, you don’t need to clip the nails before feeding. (Double oops!)
5. Yes, they are considered a full meal. (Nope! A full meal on feet is gonna give my girl the runs.)
6. No, it won’t hurt coming out the other end. (That's good to know.)

I tried to hold on to it while she chewed, but she still managed to pull it away. Gave her some time to finish it, heart thumping anxiously, and lastly, she looked up at me with a satisfied look. It took her longer than the usual chicken neck, so I'm sure she got a better workout too. Very happy mom is me now. I just hope the huge amount of skin won't give her the runs. *cross fingers*

And I still need a snood. Where on earth can I get one?!

Edit 04/02: She pooped! Nice and firm, which means chicken feet will be part of her diet from now on! Happy mom. Lol.

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