Tuesday, August 24, 2010

USS part 1: HW & JTM

i figured that i'm probably gonna take ages to upload and edit the 100+ photos i have from the USS trip yesterday, so i'd better split them up into several posts. furthermore, if i crammed ALL the stuff and photos into one single post, i guess it would take me a week or so to finish. lols. no can do. so here goes. :D

it was nice, bright, and sunny the whole day, perfect for the outdoors.

first one up was hollywood.

didn't find it interesting so not much photos. rofl. next was madagascar.

the boat ride still wasn't open yet, so we went on the only ride available: merry-go-round. =|

bro having a quick chat with melman. lmao.

and what's JTM (journey to madagascar) without the penguins?

but my fave's still pretty gloria. super sweet! =D

lalala. i actually spotted gloria's clip-on ears in the shop at the end of the day. they were so cute! wasted. nothing much in the shop otherwise. penguins everythere...

the end! FFA, WW, and LW in the next post! ;)


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