Saturday, August 28, 2010

USS part 3: AE, SF & NY

after the wet wet ride at lost world, we headed to ancient egypt to dry ourselves. lol. it did seem hotter at this area since there weren't many shelters around. and i can't help but mention how disappointed i was. i was kinda expecting it to be dark and mysterious with interesting-looking ancient artifacts and mummies, and perhaps one or two 'did you know?' facts on ancient egypt. but unfortunately, i saw none of these.

someone needs to tell them, ancient egypt isn't just about anubis. -_-'''

sighhx. there were only 2 rides here. first one was called 'revenge of the mummy', which from the description outside, appears to be yet another rollercoaster thingy, but much more scarier than the others. and therefore we skipped this ride. the other one was as boring as the place. we queued for 20 mins just to 'drive' a jeep round a 3-min track with horribly fake animals along the way.

gosh! X_x

after ancient egypt, we came to sci-fi city, where the main rollercoasters were still closed. i think that was why this area was exceptionally quiet.

we went on this ride called 'accelerator', which is similar to those spinning 'teacups' i used to ride as a kid, except that these were faster and not so cute. pretty high and fun. we went twice even. lols.

the last section in USS was new york. this consists of mainly streets and restaurants. and a whole bunch of photos.

for the only 'ride' available, we were brought into a studio with the front stage set to look like an old warehouse in the middle of a new york thunderstorm. the rain and heavy waves outside the window looked super realistic! we could feel the heat from the fire caused by lightning/short circuit, and when a small boat fell into the water from above, the front row got splashed. even the windows flew off and the front part of a ship crashed into the warehouse. very interesting effects!

took a short break by the 'lake' and walked through the whole USS another time (that's when we took our 2nd rides). then headed out. and so ending the highly-anticipated but quite-disappointing trip to USS. i'm glad we only paid $15 each for our tickets. i think i probably would be cursing and swearing if i had paid the weekend $72. definately not worth the price! boo. :(

i seldom post so many 自戀 pics de lor...

hmm. satio baby cam and iphone cam where got no difference?! =\ took the tram out for our dinner at harbourfront and then couldn't decide what to eat.


smoked salmon & crab meat pasta. still my fave!

aunt's vegan pasta.

curry + chicken cutlet for the boys.

and headed home. lalala.

... ...

some time back i was blogging about me going to hong kong in 3 months time, and now i'm left with 2 weeks! omigosh excited~ haven't even planned our route yet. tsk. aiming for clip-on stitch ears! ^_^


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