Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010: over and done with

happy new year! :D 2010 hasn't been exactly good for me at work, so i sure am glad it's come to an end. nevertheless, i guess there are some things worth mentioning and remembering from last year.

like...first time spending the night outside (after watching countdown fireworks), first time meeting a boyfriend's family, first time going to hong kong, first time going on a trip with a boyfriend, first time watching so many movies in a year, SSD and i spent our first christmas together... and we just watched countdown fireworks for the secondth year last night. lots of firsts! ^_^

before anything else, let's do the resolutions first. here's last year's:

1. lose weight (into 3rd year now) - a little, i guess...
2. put in more effort in work, regardless of whether i’ll be doing projects or sales - i give up!
3. balance time for family and SSD (cos family is complaining. lol.) - done too! i guess...

what about this year's?

1. lose even more weight (for the 4th year!)
2. get out of comfort zone and find a job which i enjoy don't mind doing
3. stop procrastinating on that diving course (and many other courses for that matter)
4. make SSD bring me on a further-than-genting trip
5. be a vegetarian as much as possible

...and a few more minor stuff i need to work on. hmmmm.

anyway, as mentioned above, SSD and i went to watch countdown fireworks again this last year! (hilarious office party in another post cos i haven't gotten the photos yet.)

our early dinner at seoul yummy, central clarke quay. set for 2 includes complimentary appetizers: peanuts, kimchi, cucumber, potato salad, tofu, and anchovies.

seafood tofu soup. it looks super spicy but tastes otherwise. there’s also LOTS of tofu inside. yums!

then the salmon teriyaki hotplate. i don't really like my salad hot, but the sauce is nice.

veggie and chicken 拌饭. normal but nice.

food was rather nice and fulling, but a little expensive imho. $40! i kinda wished we had walked into manhatten's that day. lols.

strolled directly to the marina area after that, since i was afraid we won't be able to find good seats. we reached one fullerton around 8pm, and guess what? 'front rows' all taken up! boo! :( luckily we managed to find a nice area behind this trio (who looked kinda short), and proceed to nua till midnight.

since we were basically at the water edge, the fireworks exploded pretty much in our faces. super near! but unfortunately, froggie isn't much better at taking fireworks than satio baby. only salvaged a few (from over a hundred):


SSD took a video of the whole display instead. glad to say, the 8-minute video isn't quite as disappointing. i especially liked the finale: huge consecutive bursts of one of my favorite 'designs' of fireworks. LOVELY! :)

after it all ended, we slowly made our way back to clarke quay (for mocha frapp). even though the trains extended their operation hours, we opted to take the night rider back. not a very good choice i guess. stood around for an hour plus as the bus frequency was super low and it was always fully packed when it reached us. by the time we managed to hop on one and reached home, it was almost 5am already. but i guess it's better than the year before, where we nua-ed and froze outside till the first train.

how did YOU spend your last 2010 day? =P


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