Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Memorable Job Interview

saw this prompt on plinky and it deemed relevant at the moment.

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many years ago, i applied for this assistant job at a law firm in bugis. on the day of the interview, i alighted at the wrong floor. lols. there was no one else in the lift and i have no idea how i could have pressed the button wrongly. should have taken it as a sign for me to leave, but i went ahead with the interview then.

was brought into the meeting room, and after the usual question-and-answer crap, i was asked to do this proof-reading test on microsoft word. it was the first time i encountered something like that, and i think i was pretty anxious to get the job. i remembered being super freaked out! pretty glad when it was over. lols.

on a side note, i'm obviously not working there anymore. i not only had to endure boring mundane proof-reading of legal documents and OT-till-8pm everyday, it was also freaking scary. cos usually when majority of the people leave after work, the lights would be turned off. so during my OT, the only lights on would be the one above my cubicle and the room lights of one or two managers left. didn't help that the building was actually rumored to be 'dirty'. half a month into the job, i took 2 days MC, and got nagged at by the HR. so being young and rebellious, i quit the next day. :)

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another memorable one would be at NTU. i wonder if it can be considered my best job interview ever. COS THERE'S NO INTERVIEW!! XD

i remember my first day of work was also the first day of school, and i lost my way but too paiseh to ask for directions. lucky i went early. lols. apart from the shitty pay, it's probably my favorite job so far: personal room + laptop + printer, super slack work, short working hours, and being part of the 'provost team' gives me a '一人之下, 万人之上' position, even though i'm a mere temporary staff. shiok! watched and re-watched a whole lot of movies/dramas in the 6 months i was there. =P

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that's about it. pretty boring i must say. more photos of new house up tomorrow! =)


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