Sunday, January 9, 2011

purple is passé...

...or not! :D

spent the whole day at new house fixing things up and waiting for some furniture to arrive, though majority of my time was spent playing sango td and stoning around. kinda waste of time if not for the fact that i wanted to see my light. mad chio!!

when it's not lit up.

with blue LED lights.

with blue and orange lights.

with white lights.

and it even comes with a remote control to change the lights! *haolian* hmmm. i think  it gives the whole room a nice royal princessy feel. so happy!

a couple more stuff....

no idea why the table turned out like that. guess i should have waited for natural light to take the photo. lols. can't wait till everything comes in! the only exciting thing about all this, is playing interior designer! =D


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