Wednesday, January 5, 2011

born to the purple

dad: before move in must roll a pineapple around the house first.
me: but i don't like to eat pineapple. can roll honeydew?
dad: -_-'''

lols. if you didn't know, pineapple in hokkien ("ong lye") sounds like 旺来. so rolling the pineapple means rolling luck into the home. hmmmm. but i still don't like to eat pineapple! =P

he came to pick me up (or rather, pick the tv up. more on that later), and we headed first to changi then back to the new house. i got to see my chio purple room!! *happy*

the light and dark purple color combination was even nicer than i had expected, but the floor and ceiling was disappointingly way too white. it made the room brighter than i would have liked it to be. let's just hope the white will be filled up once the furniture moves in.


... ...

decided to give up obtaining the photos from office camera, and since i have no mood to work, i shall start on the office party before i begin forgetting stuff. so, our annual party was postponed to the last day of the year instead of christmas eve, and i decided to join the organizing team again this year. events organizing is super fun!

early lunch since the engineers had to rush back to site. food was prepared by Hel's maid. A bit cheapo but surprisingly they tasted quite nice. especially the sweet and sour fish slices.

and then we started on our games. this year, PL went to a lot of christmas parties and she came back with lots of fun ideas. super hilarious!

1. pass the message (1)

the original message was "william farquhar was raffles' good friend. you know the market is bullish." it was just some random sentence we picked up from the newspapers. one group unfortunately got it right, but the other didn't! they got "william fark is raffles' good friend. and he is a buddhist." i'm by no means making fun of religion, but this is funny!! XD

2. pass the nuts

a simple game of passing an object through the clothes of each team member, and we added a string behind. initially i thought they would take some time for this, but they were surprisingly quick; the guys simply laid down and threw the nut through their pants. play cheat!

3. celebrity hunt

we hid photos and names of celebrities and they had to find and match them. hid them in the most un-findable places (like between the calendar pages and under the rubber door stopper) but they still managed to find them. one group even dismantled the table. boo!

4. pictureka!

standard game of pictureka. a chance for them and us to take a breather.

5. drink up

another simple game to guess who drank the sour lemon juice. some fake sour faces are funny!

6. shake the balls

we put paper balls into empty shoe boxes with 2 holes on each side, box strapped to each member, and they had to shake out as many balls as possible. RT people never follow rules, and the game went haywire. zzZz.

7. pass the message (2)

this is the funniest. they had to act out professions and it was super super funny when it came to toilet cleaner, hooker, stripteaser, poledancer, and stuff like that. it was actually easier but 亲爱的 was too shy and therefore the other group won. lols.

so that's the end of the games! doesn't seem very fun and funny reading it, but i super liked this year's games. had a great time laughing at other people! :D and now for the much-awaited lucky draw. i think eeyore brings me luck. while preparing the stuff, i immediately picked out eeyore and said "this one will be first prize." when it came to the actual draw, i happened to pick eeyore again. lols.

while they were giving out the prizes from bottom up, i kept hoping they don't call eeyore till at least the top 3, and guess what? i got into top 3! ^_^ 2 rounds of 终极密码 was played, and laoniang got first prize. MWAHAHAHAHA! totally stunned lor.

perfect gift for the new house. :D


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