Saturday, January 29, 2011

thou shalt not lie

i'm sure everyone's read about the malaysian eatery that sued a blogger (and google!) for posting a bad review about their restaurant. link's here if you haven't. likewise, i've also been 'guilty' of such, and i feel for him. i think it's absolutely stupid of them.

as a customer, i would probably still visit the restaurant even after reading the bad review, because reviews are entirely personal and everyone has different preferences. but by suing someone simply for not liking their food, i think it provides an excellent opportunity for people (especially me) to mock at their unprofessionalism. so what if they won the case? what would this achieve? i bet they'll lose even more customers this way.

everyone knows advertorials have to say only the good things while reviews are the brutal truth, albeit personal. as they say, 真金不怕火烈. since they know there are still people out there who like their food, they could probably still have kept their reputation if they had let this whole saga die out by itself.

i don't know why, but it kind of irritates me to see 小气 companies using legal means to stop people from speaking the truth. haven't they heard of "customers are always right?" lol.

anyway, just to be fair, i shall blog something a little better about nova/rozel. they came to fix up my wardrobe yesterday. although it still baffles me why they need to take so long to find 2 thin slices of wood, i must admit the final result was kind of satisfactory. they also brought the new door and fixed the alignments. hmmm. but i still won't buy from either one of them ever again.

packed everything in last night and my room's finally done! i like the extra space. :D


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