Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011: 鱼生 no.1

kinda early for this, but i just had my first 鱼生 this CNY season!

was at ikea for dinner and to pick up my 2 shelves. hauled them back home and fixed them up immediately. see how pretty?!

haha, ok not very pretty like this. it's cheapo ikea stuff but fits so nicely into the overall purple and white theme in my room! wait till you see everything as a whole. mad pretty. mad happy! :D

oh by the way, my wardrobe's NOT fixed yet. 3 more days to moving, and i still can't decide if by then it's still not fixed, should i even unpack stuff into the wardrobe? don't think i've been this angry before. even my parents can't seem to get over the scolding fit i had on monday. and no i don't feel appeased AT ALL. no effort has been put in so far in rectifying the defects. it's always "check and call you back", and with no intention to call at all.

but it's gonna be nice to see what exactly am i capable of when they cross my limit. prelude: "捞啊! 希望 rozel 快点倒闭!" and i'm so gonna chant it at every 鱼生 i go to.

evil? yes me.


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